Michael Pearn



Early in my life I focused almost exclusively on my career as an organizational psychologist, my family and achieving financial security. After a forty-year career spanning research, consulting and teaching in many parts of the world I am now energized by a sense of new beginning. With the prospect of another twenty years of active healthy living I want to make full use of my accumulated wisdom and experience to make a difference, and in particular to become an ally and supporter of succeeding generations to address the problems we face.
As I get older my personal resilience comes from continuing to work towards longer term goals that make a difference, from my family, and supportive relationships, my art, sailing, and my troubled but much loved rescue dog Chalky.
I am currently a Consulting Expert at the UC Berkeley Interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Workplaces, and am the author of eight books, the most recent one beingĀ Building Resilience For Success. I graduated in Philosophy and Psychology from Trinity College Dublin and hold a PhD in Psychology from London University.