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The 5 C's
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Why Resilient Aging Lab Now?

Aging is inevitable

Living well
is a skill

We have never lived this long and we are now entering a time zone of radical transition, navigating the journey of a full, well-lived life. It is time to be active in opening the boundaries of our life ahead with tools and confidence to make choices that will both recognize and reinforce resilience in our lives.

It is time to use our resources, wisdom and experience to provide leadership for the coming generation. Aging is inevitable. Living well is a skillful adaptation supported by new ways of acting and community engagement.

Why Us?

We are passionate about bringing tools and support for resilient aging to everyone navigating this transition. We understand the power of purpose, meaning and community to overcome isolation, and trigger meaningful action. Well lived lives, filled with wisdom and experience are resources for our world.

We provide a pathway through our uncertainties, questions, and concerns, so we can become wisdom makers for the next generation.

Our core team has a track record of transforming ideas into action: We’ve built schools, created award-winning programs, written 20 books, and launched successful global businesses and products of lasting value.

We bring our own life experiences and research about resilience, change and human development to form a deep commitment to harnessing the power of our generation to push the boundaries of aging.

Meet The Team

Michael Pearn


Cynthia Scott


Clint Wilkins



We provide a path through our uncertainties, questions and concerns.

Transitioning with Resilience Workshop

Appreciate where you are and imagine new choices. Explore your core values. Learn how to navigate transitions. Gather energy for change. Equip yourself with the tools and confidence to begin your journey. Challenge myths and your limits. Draw strength from your wisdom and experience. Imagine where you might find new purpose and meaning.

Sustaining Your Resilience Workshop

Explore the nature of your resilience in more depth and identify the practical tools to strengthen it at three different levels (Biological Foundations, Me at My Best, Meaning & Purpose).  Identify where you are already strong (and can become stronger) and areas where more focus may be required.

Online Gatherings

Engage in facilitated online video conversations where you will talk with others going through their own transitions to explore and refine your options. Learn from those who have crossed this territory. Be challenged to make changes. Get support and reinforcement for your choices. Share your insights and resources. To sustain momentum, you will join community discussions–with topics generated from the group.

Self Managed Networks

Join forces with others who share common goals and interests. Sustain your momentum and take risks. Get support and encouragement. Discover new options and resources for making a difference. Collaborate with people who share your passions and mission to find a new way to age.

Training of Facilitators

We train facilitators to use the tools and our platform to engage large groups. A step-by-step training guide provides guidance to add to your current learning and development activities. Help people prepare for resilient aging.


We can help you evaluate, design, and refresh your current approaches for building the skills and capacity for resilient aging in your products and services. Bring us into the conversation to incorporate interaction, self-initiation and community activation.


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This booklet provides the Wake-Up call for 5 areas where you can focus your resilience and 12 specific Tune-up practices that have been gathered from people who have flourished in their later years. We do not diminish the importance of economic stability and at the same time note that none of these practices require financial support to practice. You might think of this as a different kind of “bucket list”, beyond a list of adventures and achievements but an inner list where you build your capacity for providing guidance to yourself, your friends and the next generation.

We invite you to use this booklet to provoke your thinking, refresh your ideas and actions in your life. Use these practices as a jumping off place for discussions, journaling, coaching, contemplation and action. Our workshops and online gatherings offer hands-on opportunities for Tuning up your mindsets, and the frameworks and tools for taking action.

What our clients are saying

  • “Coming out of the Transitioning with Resilience Workshop I realize how my values have changed. I used to strive to achieve mastery in my professional field. I’m now more about deepening my social network.”

    Retired Lawyer
  • “The Sustaining Your Resilience Workshop helped me achieve a greater sense of balance. I’m now cutting back my pediatric practice, volunteering more often in a low-income clinic and spending more time with my grandchildren.”

  • “Ever since I participated in some of the Resilient Aging Lab’s activities, I’ve discovered just how resilient I’ve been throughout my life. As a result, I’ve gained greater confidence in myself and developed a strategy for overcoming a major challenge.”

    Social Worker